(Free) Software Building and Packaging For Windows

1.3.0 - 11/01/2014

1.3.0 - 11/01/2014

  • All executables in bin/ have the .exe extension now (applies to gcc.exe, openssl.exe, xmlwf.exe from expat).
  • Many small fixes to the installer scripts for windows platforms.
  • Update to mingw-w64 3.1.0 (maintenance release).
  • Don't run gtk and gdk cache update tools on Cygwin on XP/2k3 (they crash); ask the user to run them from a fresh cmd.exe.
  • The 'win-builds-switch' script used 'exit'; it now uses 'return'.

1.3-rc1 - 22/12/2013

  • Fixed the “mingw” symlink in the root dir on windows.
  • Implement reparse point handling in Yypkg for the symlink fallback instead of calling mklink.exe (unavailable on XP).
  • Fixed wrong mirror in the Linux chroot.
  • Fix extra symlinks to gfortran binaries.
  • Restore .exe extensions for GCC files.
  • Some files weren't removed when uninstalling a package on Windows.
  • Update libjpeg (fixes CVE-2013-6629).
  • The OCaml cross-compiler was unable to build bindings to C libraries.
  • Check that the '' script is called in the right way by the user.

1.3-beta3 - 11/12/2013

  • Fixes for dbus and yypkg.exe which was an old binary in 1.2.
  • Improved documentation, add documentation for using with MSYS.
  • The package metadata format changes (version field is now a free-form string).

1.3-beta2 - 4/12/2013

  • Several fixes and mostly documentation or usability improvements.

1.3-beta1 - 27/11/2013

  • Improved symlink fallbacks on windows.
  • Proofread documentation.
  • New yypkg binaries for windows.
  • Improved ocaml cross-compiler setup.
  • General improvements and bug fixes.

1.3-alpha2 - 14/11/2013

  • GCC 4.8, Mingw-w64 v3, package updates.
  • Nice symlink fallbacks on Windows (junctions and hardlinks as appropriate).