(Free) Software Building and Packaging For Windows

Download and Installation From Windows

Running win-builds on windows can be done through IDEs, MSYS, Cygwin or without any other toolset. Simply download and run the package manager.


Win-builds 1.5.0

More information can be found in the documentation; make sure you subscribe at least to the (security) announces mailing-list.

Installation doesn't alter system settings; in particular it doesn't change environment variables like PATH, PKG_CONFIG_PATH and PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR.

For MSYS or Cygwin, also read how to switch to the toolchain you want.

Running the 64 bits toolchain requires a 64 bits host.

Installing on Windows XP or 2003 might work but is unsupported.


The yypkg package manager does not currently handle proxies. If the use of proxies is required for your use of the Internet, you need to work-around the issue until the next release (see issue #83 in the bug tracker for details).

The work-around involves downloading the files through a proxy-aware application and pointing yypkg to them (the tutorial below uses wget but any tool able to recursively download from HTTP through proxies will work).

First set the http_proxy environment variable. For instance for cmd.exe:

set http_proxy=

Run wget to mirror the files. For Windows, you can download a portable installation of wget. The following command will create a directory named 1.5.0 suitable for both 32 and 64 bits.

wget -r --no-parent --no-host-directories

Finally, download the installer and save it as win-builds.exe (or rename it afterwards); run it by double-clicking on it. When prompted for the mirror, provide the path to the 1.5.0 directory that was created by the mirroring process:


You should see a window similar to the following one. Note the highlighted field which prompts for a mirror.

When updating packages, simply re-run the wget command and then double-click on bin/yypkg.exe.