(Free) Software Building and Packaging For Windows

Win-builds is a large distribution of binary packages for Windows. All of them are built from source. Win-builds provides a package manager and runs on Windows, MSYS, Cygwin and Linux. It is entirely free software.

Version 1.5.0 is out.
Read about the release highlights and future plans on the announce mailing-list.
Download for Windows - Download for Linux

From any host

Run from MSYS, Cygwin or bare Windows

On Linux, build only the cross-compiler, reuse all other packages

Or use the virtual machines and containers

Large, coherent set of packages

Qt, Curl, EFL, freetype, GTK+, lua, openssl, sqlite, wget, zlib, …

92 libraries and tools on Windows

Quick and simple installs

Set up a complete development environment in 5 minutes on a broadband connection

GUI for easy usage


GCC 4.8.3 - C, C++

Mingw-w64 v3.3.0

Scripted, clean, reproducible

Be in control of your infrastructure

Customize as you wish


Security updates

Packages get security updates

Announces and security advisories through mailing-lists

Screenshot of the GUI - Click to go to downloads