(Free) Software Building and Packaging For Windows

Table of Contents

Updating Packages


Browse for the win-builds installation you wish to update, enter the bin directory and double-click on yypkg-1.5.0.exe. The GUI will appear, retrieve the current package list, display it and ask for confirmation before processing them.


First, start your preferred shell: cmd.exe, msys, cygwin or any from Linux if you are on Linux.

The yypkg command below needs to be either in the PATH environment variable or to be accessed through its full path (for cmd.exe, drag-and-drop the executable to the command prompt; for others, use /opt/windows_?? where ?? is either 32 or 64 depending on your setup).

To update all packages, run:

yypkg --web

In order to restrict the packages to consider for update, use the –packages argument:

yypkg --web --packages <package1> <package2>