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Win-builds 1.4 released


The 1.4.0 release of win-builds is now officially available at
http://win-builds.org .

The main changes in this version are bug fixes and usability
improvements. Packages have been updated too, in particular wrt security

GDB, libao, libid3tag, madplay, libmad, libsndfile, libtasn1, pcre,
harfbuzz, fribidi, have been added.
Most EFL packages (eet, embryo, edje, ecore, evas, eina) have been
merged together by upstream into a single "efl" package.
This brings the package count to over 60.

Installation has been greatly simplified; package updates even more so:
double-clicking on yypkg.exe is enough to update packages.
All pango, cairo, gdk, fontconfig caches are properly created at the end
of installation; moreover, fontconfig's fc-cache stopped leaking memory.

While there was an attempt to handle security updates in the previous
versions, some things didn't work out so well. This version fixes them
and security updates will be provided.

Tooling on Linux has been made simpler and more efficient. Build
procedure has been changed slightly: it now builds the cross-toolchain
on each machine  and reuses the windows packages, giving great
flexibility while saving most of the build time.
It has been tested on Exherbo, Slackware Linux, Debian Jessie and is
compatible back to wheezie and Ubuntu 12.04.

Documentation has been updated and improved.

There are also countless improvements which add up and make for a much
improved and matured release.
Note however that it isn't possible to update a 1.3 installation to 1.4
without manual intervention because of the tooling changes. If really
needed, get in touch on the bug tracker.

Website: http://win-builds.org
Downloads: http://win-builds.org/download.html
Documentation: http://win-builds.org/documentation.html
Bug Tracker: http://win-builds.org/bugs/
Mailing-lists: http://win-builds.org/support.html
Git repositories: http://cgit.notk.org/adrien/yypkg/

PS: I procrastinated sending the announce for a few days and now there
is already a CVE for gnutls and for which new packages have been pushed
compared to the original 1.4.0 version.

Happy installation,
Adrien Nader