(Free) Software Building and Packaging For Windows


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-====== ​Windows ​======+====== ​Download and Installation ​======
 +Win-builds can be installed and used from either Windows or Linux:
-Running win-builds on windows can be done through IDEs, MSYS, Cygwin or without any other toolset. Simply download ​and run the package manager.  +  * [[Download ​and Installation ​from Windows]] 
- +  * [[Download ​and Installation ​from Linux]]
-Installation ​doesn'​t change system settings and in particular doesn'​t change environment variables like PATH, PKG_CONFIG_PATH and PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR. For MSYS or Cygwin, also read how to switch to the toolchain you want.  +
- +
-More information can be found in the documentation;​ make sure you subscribe at least to the (security) announces mailing-list.  +
- +
-NOTE: the 64 bits toolchain requires a 64 bits host; installing on Windows ​XP or 2003 might work but is unsupported. +
- +
-====== Linux ====== +
- +
- +
-No fully cross-distribution binaries can be realistically provided on Linux. As such the process is slightly longer and on a separate page in the documentation.  +
- +
-The process should take around 5 minutes of user time and from 15 to 60 minutes of CPU time (modern desktop to Atom-class notebook).  +
- +
-====== Linux Virtual Machines ====== +
- +
-For quick tests, you can download a virtual machine and run it under one of QEMU, VirtualBox or VMWare.  +
- +
-The machine is a Ubuntu 14.04 with little software installed.  +
- +
-====== Other systems ====== +
- +
-It shall be possible to use win-builds on other systems too even if this has not been tried so far. The main requirement is a POSIX system with a GNU userspace (sed, cp, etc.). Building will follow the steps in the documentation for Linux+