(Free) Software Building and Packaging For Windows

Selecting the Toolchain in Shell


The win-builds-switch script takes care of everything; source it in your shell:

# To switch to the i686 toolchain
source /opt/windows_32/bin/win-builds-switch
# To switch to the x86_64 toolchain
source /opt/windows_64/bin/win-builds-switch

The currently-released version of this script has a small error that will output a message about an emulate command not being found. You can safely ignore this message. An update in a few days will fix it.

Default toolchain

The easiest way to set a toolchain by default is to add its selection to the user’s profile. The command will be executed each time an interactive shell is started and will be valid for everything started from them.

echo 'source /opt/windows_32/bin/win-builds-switch >/dev/null' >> ~/.profile

This will silently the toolchain for all the new shells. Don't forget you've enabled this by default.