Win-builds - (Free) Software Packaging and Building For Windows

Win-builds creates binary packages of libraries and tools for native Windows from source. It is supported by the yypkg package manager and runs on Windows, MSYS, MSYS2, Cygwin and Linux.

For 32bits and 64bits

  • GCC 4.8.2 - C, C++
  • Mingw-w64 3.1.0

From Windows or Linux

  • Integrate with MSYS, MSYS2, Cygwin or use in native Windows
  • Same packages run in a chroot on any Linux distribution

Large, coherent set of packages

Quick installs

  • Set up a complete development environment in 5 minutes on a broadband connection

Fully-scripted, clean, reproducible builds

  • Be in control of your infrastructure
  • Customize as you wish

Security updates