(Free) Software Building and Packaging For Windows

Win-builds creates binary packages of libraries and tools for Windows from source. It provides a package manager and runs on Windows, MSYS, Cygwin and Linux. It is entirely free software.

From any OS

  • Run from MSYS, Cygwin or bare Windows
  • On Linux, build only the cross-compiler, reuse all other packages
  • Or use the virtual machines and containers

Large, coherent set of packages

Quick and simple installs

  • Set up a complete development environment in 5 minutes on a broadband connection
  • GUI for easy usage


  • GCC 4.8.3 - C, C++
  • Mingw-w64 v3.3.0

Scripted, clean, reproducible

  • Be in control of your infrastructure
  • Customize as you wish
  • Well-documented

Security updates

Screenshot of the win-builds GUI package manager